Le Troisième Songe English

Le Troisième Songe® is an italian brand created by Maria Cristina and Giovanna Codecasa Conti.
We design and product garments for women and children, textile design for fabrics and fabrics, accessories, bijoux. All products are Made In Italy by italian suppliers, many of these products are handemade by us and are unique pieces.
We also create tailor-made clothes, with italian artisans and high quality fabrics for special occasions, for brides, ceremonies or simply to make women feel at ease with what they wear.
Our philosophy is always been to involve our customers in the development of our dress design, without impositions, paying close attention to their desires. We listen to them.
And we dress them according to our idea of elegance: which is a mix of personality, femininity and naturalness.

In 2012 Le Troisième Songe has been selected for the WION Who is on next? competition organized by Vogue Bambini and Pitti Bimbo in Florence, Italy. Even if Le Troisième Songe didn't win the contest, since then the design and production of kid's garments has joined the woman's line.

In 2016 Le Troisième Songe has been selected by Vogue Italia as talented brand.

Bijoux are designed and created by hand in our workshop: they are unique pieces, in a limited series. Accessories such as bags and headbands are all our handmade products, realized using leftover fabric and following an ethical principle that avoids waste.

If you want read something more about our history visit this website www.letroisiemesongeatelier.com.

Our atelier is located in Milan, in the Tortona Design District. Here we receive, by appointment, our customers and our suppliers.
You can buy our clothes, bijoux and accessories directly in atelier, paying by credit card.